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    Philly Sound Studios (215) 551-1800
    • Philly Sound Studios is a distinctive recording studio, live performance venue and event facility that combines a beautiful unparalleled live room with a powerful digital and analog production facility. Built into a beautiful 90 year old stone church, Philly Sound Studios offers a unique and creative production environment.
      Soaring ceilings, geometric bracing and a gorgeous hardwood floor come together in concert to offer amazing acoustics in this visually stunning space. In addition to recording and performance, Philly Sound Studios is available for use as a unique and inviting gathering space for banquets, screenings, business meetings and private events.

    • Studio:469 is Drew's super-secret private recording studio tucked away somewhere in the woods. It was designed to be a perfect match to how he uses Philly Sound Studios with the primary focus being mixing and high-end tracking. Studio:469 is comfortable, well-tuned and powerful production suite.

    • Big Sky Audio had a proud 21-year legacy of creating amazing music. Three control rooms and a beautiful live room kept Big Sky busy through the collapse of the record biz, 911, genres coming and going and a massive economic downturn. We fondly remember Big Sky as 'the house that rock built', but many will remember the always-eclectic lounge with a barber's chair and large, colorful fish tank that rarely had fish in it. But no one ever complained. :)