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    Philly Sound Studios (215) 551-1800

  • Mixing

    I could spend every waking moment of my life producing and mixing music, please consider me for your next project!

    "I have amazing tools to bring the most out of your project, a beautiful Neve console, 2" 24 track analog, vintage and cutting edge rack gear, a huge room for reamping and some amazing plug-ins. Let's discuss what's best for the needs of YOUR project!"

    I offer a focus on detail that most Mixers don't, it's a focus developed over the 25+ years I've spent behind a console creating great music with amazing artists. My history of cutting rock, jazz and gospel bands can benefit you greatly, as I have a refined ear and a HUGE bag of mixing and editing tricks. Looking for a crisp, tight pop radio sound? Can do. Thunderous hard rock? Yup. Traditional spatially-correct jazz or classical? Absolutely. Raw and rude punk? No problem. Intimate and exposed singer/songwriter? Certainly. Pounding dance/club jams? Without a doubt!

    I am a career Producer, Engineer and Studio Manager. I'm not some guy holed-up in a bedroom or basement of Mom's house, I don't work out of a has-been studio, I am an owner of two active music recording studios. Philly Sound Studios has a beautiful Neve console, a Studer analog 2" 24 track and is equipped with top-shelf audio booty. Studio:469, my private studio, is equipped with everything I need to pump out serious overdubs, vocals and mixes for your next project. My work ethic is demanding, I need to feed my creative machine constantly.

    My goal is to take my knowledge of radio, music theory, performance and production, apply it to your project and achieve amazing results. I understand what it takes to get your music charged-up and ready for the world, whether you're aiming for Radio, online distribution or for your ears only.

    I want you to be satisfied, if not blown away, by the results! Send me a message, let's have a chat.