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    Philly Sound Studios (215) 551-1800


    My name is Drew Raison, I live to make and record great music. A big part of my life is spent working directly with artists assisting in the creation of their original material. Another big part is mixing music for radio and the world. In either case, I always have music going in my ears which, in turn, feeds my creative soul. Whether in the control room at Philly Sound Studios or in my specialized mixing and tracking room tucked away in the woods, I'm consumed by music in simply the best way.

    The business side of my life is a perfect balance to the creative side. In addition to managing the Philly studio and doing mixes, I consult for entertainers, artists, production folk and other studios. I also invest in my strategic partnerships, especially those who can offer benefit to my clients. From radio stations, production and management companies to business coaches, graphic and web designers, I can create or discover a solution quickly and efficiently. I also stay active teaching audio production to individuals interested in advancing their careers. Over the decades, I've taught dozens and dozens of students, many who have hit high peaks in the production world.

    Interested in having a chat? Hit me up, I'm always interested in discussing how I can get involved!


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    Drew Raison Bio

    Drew Raison's career is founded on the music and production knowledge he's lived for the last 25 years. He gained his chops by producing and mixing for a wide variety of artists in differing genres. His concentration---Music Producer and Mix Engineer. He works directly with entertainers and artists, assisting them through the complex world of professional entertainment.

    Raison cut his teeth doing live sound and lighting for local, regional and touring acts in Phoenix, Arizona. This opened the door to pursue his main focus, studio-based music production. Settling down in the magical city of Philadelphia, he took the position of Chief Engineer and Studio Manager at Queen Village Recording Studio. He continued to produce sessions at other Philadelphia studios like Studio 4, The Warehouse and Kajem/Victory. His 9 year tour of duty in the world of Pro Audio sales/design and MI Sales helped round his knowledge of all aspects of the business. Putting it all together, Raison utilized his studio design skills to create Big Sky Audio, a major 4,000 square foot, multi-room recording studio. Big Sky enjoyed a remarkable 21 year run as a leader in the Philly recording studio market.

    Drew continues to expand his horizons. His brand-new, shining recording studio and live performance venue, Philly Sound Studios, is the culmination of his vision. With business partner, Mariano Mattei (Fifth Stone Music), Raison continues to freshen and develop his unique business model, creating another badass recording studio. In late 2010, Raison created the teaching/learning facility for people to discover the world of audio. Its focus---creative and personal development. Named the Modern Media Academy, its broad, powerful curriculum will help develop the next generation of music professionals.